Express Autoshine X AGI Singapore

Assure General Insurance (“AGI”) provides all your essential insurance coverages, and Express Autoshine (“EA”) have signed a signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a partnership to help both companies grow further in Singapore, including doing marketing media together. The MoU, a result of a on-going collaboration between the two parties , serves as a basis for further discussion , interactions and future collaborations.

Under the MoU, AGI will be EA trusted partner for insurance coverages. EA will explore partnership opportunities in different aspects such as offering it’s employees , contractors and customers alike for car insurance solutions.

AGI is committed to see technology as a key driver in delivering greater productivity and more innovative products to our customers. We are constantly driving change and challenging the way the industry functions and how we service our customers.

During the MoU, we run campaigns to remind clients about coverage about insurance and explain the different types of motor insurance to our clients, from 3rd party coverage to comprehensive and which would be recommended for them.

We also shared about any workshop plans and authorised workshop planes with them when they were designing their plates with us.